Grounding Meditation 

Take a moment for yourself today. You deserve this time to unwind, heal, and nourish your mind, body, and spirit.

I gift you my FREE 15-minute meditation 


Why be grounded?   

feeling grounded helps to

  • start your day focused 
  • aid concentration
  • alleviate stress and anxiety 
  • boost your energy 
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How do I use this meditation?

sit on a chair or stand comfortably

  • be outside, at home or workplace (you will need a space with no distractions)  
  • listen to Jade's guided meditation and follow the instructions
  • use as often as you need (*not to be used when driving) 
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Meditations from Jade Whaley

This introductory grounding meditation is for beginners or experienced meditators needing a quick boost to ground themselves.

  • Embrace the simplicity of guided meditation and experience its transformative effects on your overall well-being.
  • COMING Mid 2024: Magnificent Meditation Online Course 
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What customers are saying...

 "I have been lucky to be a beta tester for some of her meditations in her new Magnificent Meditation course, which are beyond amazing. They have taken me deeper into meditation than I have been in before. I can't wait to delve into more when it is launched." 

Chloe RandolphCanada


“Jade taught me to meditate when I lived in New Zealand. This opened a whole new world for me and helped me control the anxiety that I used to have. I am now training as a breathwork facilitator and I thank Jade for beginning me on this journey."

Sarah Miller, Australia


 “Jade is a lovely, friendly, and great teacher. She trained me in Psychic Development, Beginners and Advanced, then Mediumship. They were life-changing. I would strongly recommend her to anyone looking for a real soul to teach them psychic development and to connect with spirit.”

Natalie Gardner, New Zealand