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Intuition Connect 5-Day Pathway

Is it your intuition talking or your thoughts? Are you ready to learn and trust your inner GPS?

  • Ignite your intuition with tools and techniques that work
  • Learn how to trust your intuition to guide you in your everyday life
  • Follow a proven blueprint instead of trying to figure things out on your own
  • Over 5 days learn the tools and techniques to help give you the clarity to what is your intuition or what is your thoughts.
  • Feel more confident in your decisions and natural instinct
  • Make progress with support from a professional psychic, soul guide and coach

"Developing my intuition changed my life 100% for the better!"


Jade has been my Spiritual Mentor and Psychic Development Teacher since I attended four of her in-person workshops in 2011. Psychic and Spiritual Awakening Beginners and Advanced. Mediumship and Mediumship Professional.  I moved to London in 2018, where we began our one-to-one psychic training and business mentoring via skype and then zoom. I quit high school teaching and I am now a self-employed intuitive coach and healer while being a Mum. YES, Jade is still my mentor! Her psychic and healing development training is informative, in-depth, professional and supportive.  Developing my intuition literally changed my life personally and professionally. I never thought I would have this amazing life I have now, living on the other side of the world, self-employed with my wonderful husband.  I give my gratitude and thanks to Jade and her teachings.  

~ Sarah Smith: Intuitive Coach, Healer and Mum to 2-year old twins, Jasper and Felix

Is this for you?

The Intuition Connect ~ Ignite Pathway is for those who are:

  • Spiritually curious
  • Beginning or expanding their intuition path
  • Already connected, busy intuitives who want to re-focus their intent back to their intuition

"Your time is now."

Our world is changing. Many more people become energy aware - INTUITIVE- of the energy around us. We become EMPATHS- which can easily absorb and experience the feelings of others.

  • What if you could transform this into a superpower?
  • What if you discovered that your psychic gifts allowed you to tune in and connect?
  • What if you could use your intuition to create an incredible life?

Jade will hold a safe space where you can dip your toe or submerge your being into recognising, developing and connecting with your intuition.

You will feel a new sense of expansion in your body; you will feel connected. You'll have more self-confidence in understanding and trusting your intuition, allowing you to move your life ahead in the manner you want.

Most importantly, you will be validated and confirm what you already know: You are an INTUITIVE, and you can trust your intuition.

Connect with like-minded souls and begin your intuitive journey to awaken your soul, heart, and intuition.

I can't wait to share this experience with you!

Intuition is the magic sauce for life!


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"I would strongly recommend Jade to anyone looking for a real soul to teach them psychic development "

Jade is a lovely, friendly, and great teacher in ways I did not know. She trained me in Psychic Development Beginners and Advanced and then Mediumship over two years, which I thoroughly enjoyed. She was patient and explained everything thoroughly. She double-checked that I understood everything and would answer any questions. I would strongly recommend her to anyone looking for a real soul to teach them psychic development and to connect with spirit. 

~ Natalie Gardner: Caregiver, Invercargill, New Zealand

A note from Jade 

Intuition is the secret sauce for life!

Your intuition can be your new best friend and protector. It helps you to feel supported when making decisions, feel more balanced and less stressed for the future.  Begin to have meaning, purpose and connection as you access your innate power using your intuition as a guide. 

I am a spiritual coach and psychic channel  that has been teaching, and guiding for three decades. YES! I can support your Psychic + Intuitive Development. 


This is your first step. I am here with you, my friend. 

Jade x

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