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Reset your life compass and embody your Soul Goals

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Instant Access to this wonderful Embodiment Session


Hopeful thinking and affirmations are not enough. You have to be aligned with your SOUL vibration to understand true intentions and beliefs.


Let's make lasting changes to be alignment with your authentic self!

  • Remove old blockages, reset and refocus and can get clear on your Soul Goals
  • Receive new coding to align and embody your new vibration to welcome new energy and opportunities.
  • Step into a new YOU knowing what you want in your life.

Is this for you?


Have you tried to manifest and create, and BOOM - nothing happens?


You ask yourself ...


Isn't it meant to be?
Am I doing something wrong?

It is about timing, alignment, belief, coding, clarity and action. You can bring in something specific where you're adding value, exciting or new to your life. 

How do you do that? Let me show you how!


 "What would you like to be different in your life?"

Chances are it will be something your soul wants and will significantly impact your life. 

I can help you shift blocks to bring in your soul goals with my powerful embodiment session! 

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"Jade was great at guiding us through the sessions and understanding what we needed."


'I attended Jade’s Intuition Connect ~ Ignite Pathway Collective course over zoom. The structure of the course was wonderful and easy to follow. Jade was great at guiding us through the sessions and understanding what we needed. Jade knew when to slow down so we could understand. Jade had a calm serene manner that made me open up more than I do normally with people. Jade was very open to follow-up questions and very responsive. I would have no hesitation in attending another course with Jade'‚Äč   

~ Susan Tyler: Foxton Beach, New Zealand

What are you waiting for? 


"Manifestation is creating a reality in the physical, external world that matches your soul's true desires."

Your SOUL GOALSYou hold the key to making your dreams a waking reality.


You are on this page for a reason!

Your soul has brought you here.

  • You want more.
  • You want change.
  • You want it now. 


Often we decide on change and have an armful of resolutions, and chances are, by day five hits, we aren't doing any of them! We hear we need to create new habits, find our theme words or mantras, set intentions, manifest, align ourselves ... the list is exhausting!

I can help- let's get clear on what you want and set you up to succeed. 


The vortex is a multi-sensory journey incorporating various modalities, including meditation, coding, journaling, guided visualization and more.

I will help you step into alignment and assist you in examining and shifting your limiting beliefs and unconscious patterns, blocking you from being in your highest energetic, magnetic flow.


Let's get aligned so we can manifest our Soul Goals. 

Make your life epic!

Come join us!

"I would strongly recommend Jade to anyone looking for a real soul to teach them psychic development."

Jade is a lovely, friendly, and great teacher in ways I did not know. She trained me in Psychic Development Beginners and Advanced and then Mediumship over two years, which I thoroughly enjoyed. She was patient and explained everything thoroughly. She double-checked that I understood everything and would answer any questions. I would strongly recommend her to anyone looking for a real soul to teach them psychic development and to connect with spirit. 

~ Natalie Gardner: Caregiver, Invercargill, New Zealand