$77.00 NZD

1-1 Mini Intuitive Soul Session: 20-Minute Zoom Session

Do you need a quick 20-Minute Reading on one area or situation that requires insight and clarity? 

Or want a follow-up session after coaching or a reading session with Jade?

Yes? Then the 20-minute session is for you if you have ONE area or situation you wish to focus on. Get your questions ready. 

Please note that this session is strictly only 20 minutes, so be prepared with the focus and direction you want the session to be about. 

 Please note that Jade doesn't provide legal or medical advice, and she won't answer questions about other people. Her readings are about helping you on your journey, and she'll focus on what YOU need to know to move forward. *This is not a mediumship reading specifically designed to connect with people who have passed away.

Important: After purchase, you will receive an email to send you the information to book your session with Jade. Note this session is only available online via ZOOM. Jade's reading hours are Monday to Thursday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm NZT.


"I am here to offer you guidance and support, and grateful to be a part of your journey towards greater clarity and understanding. Love, Jade x"


Details of your "1-1 Mini Insight Reading: 20-Minute Zoom Session"Once you have the email after purchase, reply with a recent photo of yourself.  


  • This reading is directed at yourself. I cannot answer questions about another person, legal or medical questions. I do not know the sex of an unborn child or lotto numbers. 
  • I am not a "fortune teller" and cannot predict your future. You are in charge of your actions.

You will receive an email after purchase. Please follow the instructions for scheduling your session.  

I look forward to connecting with you!

Due to the nature of the "1-1 Mini Insight Reading: 20-minute Zoom Session ", there are no refunds.

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