$99.00 NZD

Audio Past Life Snapshot: 30-Minute


Looking for answers about your past lives?

  • Wondering about your strong connection to a particular era, culture, or person?
  • Curious about the reasons behind your beliefs or fears?

A past life reading session might be just what you need.

In a past life reading session, I can help you gain greater awareness and clarity by opening your Akashic Records and accessing information about one of your past lives.

Your Higher Self and Guides will reveal an event from that life, providing a snapshot in time that may shed light on your current experiences and connections.

You do have the option where I can set your intention and ask about a current phobia or fear in this life or the connection to someone you know. (you have given the details)

During the session, I will relay scenes from your past life to you via a 30-minute audio recording, which I will send to your email.

This session is for anyone curious about or seeking information and healing about a past life event.

If you're ready to explore the mysteries of your past lives and gain deeper insights into your present experiences, book your past life reading session today.

I look forward to connecting with you!

 Love, Jade x 

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Details of your "Past Life Snapshot: Audio"  

  • You will receive an email after purchase. Please reply with a recent photo and intention ( if you want this option).

You can expect your reply within 14 BUSINESS days from when I receive your photo.

Due to the nature of the "Past Life Snapshot: 30-minute Audio", there are no refunds.

What People Are Saying:

Jade is an exceptional intuitive. The past life readings I received via recording allowed me to process all information in my own time. It also provided me a platform to reflect through the ‘rewind’ capacity (excuse the pun!). Her readings were poignant and definitely resonated somewhere deep. She was a lighthouse on my path when darkness closed in. Thus, I will be forever grateful to this wise soul for guiding the masses; for guiding me.

Rebecca Roberts | Author @healthestoryteller | Perth, Australia