$90.00 NZD

Audio Intuitive Soul Session: 30-Minute Session

Are you feeling uncertain and seeking clarity but struggling to find the time for a one-to-one session? 

I understand that life can get busy, and prioritising self-care is essential. That's why I offer an email option that allows you to receive psychic guidance conveniently.

My 30-minute intuitive soul session offers valuable guidance about your current life events. I can include practical aspects like finances, relationships, and career. I will also look at your energetic patterns and soul's perspective to provide a new perspective.

I only need a recent photo of yourself and your questions to start. I will send you approximately 30-minute audio to save to your devices.

Please note that I cannot answer questions about anyone other than yourself, and this is not a mediumship reading to connect with people who have passed away.

Once you've paid, reply to my email with your photo and questions. We'll get back to you within 14 business days with your reading.

All correspondence will be via email, and you will receive an audio recording. Unfortunately, Ther is no option for follow-up questions.

I am here to offer you guidance and support, and grateful to be a part of your journey towards greater clarity and understanding.

I look forward to connecting with you! Love, Jade x 


Details of your "Insight Reading: 30-Minute Audio Session" Once you have the email after purchase, reply with a recent photo of yourself.  


  • This reading is directed at yourself. I cannot answer questions about another person, legal or medical questions. I do not know the sex of an unborn child or lotto numbers. 
  • I am not a "fortune teller" and cannot predict your future. You are in charge of your actions.

You will receive an email after purchase. Please reply with a recent photo and questions.

You can expect your reply within 14 BUSINESS days from when I receive your photo.

I look forward to connecting with you!

Due to the nature of the "Insight Reading: 30-minute Audio Session ", there are no refunds.