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Learn how to connect with your Spirit Guides for support, guidance and healing

Instant Access: 90-minute Masterclass Replay

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90 - Minute Spirit Connect Masterclass Replay

Only $44 NZD

INSTANT ACCESS: Simple Step-by-Step Guidance. Watch this masterclass on your smartphone, desktop or tablet!


Your Guides are calling you. 

Open the lines of communication.

Simple, practical steps to build a connection today.


This masterclass introduces the simple step-by-step framework for connecting with your Spirit Guides. 

  • Connecting with your Spirit Guides individually using your senses for confirmation
  • How to build a relationship with the unseen world
  • Creating a daily routine for connection

Is this for you?


Tuning in takes trust, patience and help from the other side. 


I can show you how.


Connecting with your Spirit Guides is a profound experience that can help you receive support, love, healing, and insight into your life.

It will teach you how to build a relationship with your Spirit team and create a daily routine for connection.

Your Spirit Guides can assist you in living intuitively and aligning to have a joyful, fulfilled life.

I believe connecting with your Spirit team is a natural part of life. 

Your Spiritual Team offer love, healing and wisdom and are here to guide you. 

"I can't believe I can now connect with my Spirit Guides!"

I had followed Jade for years on Facebook, and when I saw her advertising this masterclass, I wondered if it would work for me.  I am a single mum and work so I don't have much spare time. It took me two weeks to find 90-minutes to watch it. 

I connected with my main Spirit Guide straight away and, over the weeks I have built a stronger connection with them and now met my Healer Guide.

On Tuesday night, my six-year-old had a bit of a cough and was unsettled. He felt warm, but my thermometer wasn't reading properly. I didn't know if I should wake the other children to take him to the after-hours medical centre as it was 2:30 am. My Guides said "yes," so I took him. He was examined and was dehydrated with a temperature over 41! They gave him an intravenous drip with fluids and brought his temperature down. Four days later is good as gold.

My Guides have made me feel more confident in my decisions to take care of my family! Thank you for showing me, Jade. 

~ Haylee Duncan: Hastings, New Zealand

What are you waiting for? 


This is your opportunity to learn to connect with your Spirit Guides for support, guidance and healing


If you are already a natural intuitive, experienced spiritual seeker, you know that unseen forces are at work in the Universe. 


You may already have: 

  • Experiences of Spirit Guides working with you
  • Been given insight, support, and love
  • Felt, seen or heard your Spirit Guides 


It is time to take things to the next level!

  • Create a daily practice of connecting with your Spirit team
  • Build a heart-centred, trusting relationship with them
  • Strengthen your communication and connection with Guides and open yourself to the Spirit Realm 
Connect with Your Spirit Guides

A personal invite from Jade


For over 30 years, I have extensively studied spiritual communication, connected with the Spirit World and learned many modalities related to intuitive, healing, and spiritual development. 

I am a professional Psychic Medium, Certified Coach and Healer. I can show you how to connect with your Spirit Guides. 


I have taught thousands of students how to communicate with their Spirit Guides over the last 15 years in workshops, in-person and online, and I have trained many who have gone on to be professional psychics and healers. 


In this Masterclass, I have kept it simple and shared the proven steps to prepare for contact and connection with your Spirit Guides. 


If you're ready to make communicating with your Spirit Guides a reality, here is your first and most important step. 


I can't wait for you to share this experience and support you on your Spirit Guide journey!

This is your first step toward greater guidance. I am here with you, my friend. 

Love Jade, x


"Jade was great at guiding us through the sessions and understanding what we needed."


'I attended Jade’s Intuition Connect ~ Ignite Pathway Collective course over zoom. The structure of the course was wonderful and easy to follow. Jade was great at guiding us through the sessions and understanding what we needed. Jade knew when to slow down so we could understand. Jade had a calm serene manner that made me open up more than I do normally with people. Jade was very open to follow-up questions and very responsive. I would have no hesitation in attending another course with Jade'​   

~ Susan Tyler: Foxton Beach, New Zealand